1. Description of Service

    The Ethnic Corner member program is operated as a survey panel and permission marketing database for individuals who voluntarily register on the Site ("Members"), and agree to, and abide by, these TOS.

    Members are rewarded for their loyalty and participation through the Ethnic Corner Reward System.

  2. Ethnic Corner Reward System

    Members are awarded for participating in certain activities such as completing surveys or completing focus groups.

    Ethnic Corner Rewards can be accumulated and redeemed for cash (in Canadian Funds).

    Ethnic Corner Rewards can not be transferred to other members.

  3. Conditions of Membership

    Ethnic Corner Members must agree to accept Email Messages from Ethnic Corner.

    Ethnic Corner reserves the right to send you email messages from time to time for which you may not be rewarded. Such messages may include system updates; bulletins; administrative announcements; special requests, etc., and may be sent via email or regular mail.

    As a condition of your membership you represent and warrant that:

    1. You are at least 16 years of age;
    2. You are a permanent resident of Canada;
    3. All information supplied by you is complete, true and accurate.
    4. You understand and agree that if your account is terminated for your breach of this agreement, any accrued Ethnic Corner Rewards and outstanding balance in your account will be forfeited. Interpretation of what constitutes a breach of this agreement shall be at the sole discretion of Ethnic Corner.
    5. You agree that no interest shall accrue on cash balances.
    6. You understand and agree that Ethnic Corner will not be responsible to you or any governing body for any taxes or the loss of any benefits as a result of being issued Ethnic Corner rewards.
    7. You must not maintain more than one account on the Site and understand that a limit of 3 memberships applies to one postal address. If more than 1 account is registered at an address. The account holders at this address may be asked by the Site to prove their identity and address details. Accounts can be suspended until such identification is received and verified by the Site.
    8. You must inform Ethnic Corner of any change in your personal details, including email address and street address. Contact details and preferences must be updated using the facility provided once you have logged in to the site. Rewards will be made in favour of you and will be delivered to the address specified in your account profile. Prizes are not transferable to any other person.
    9. You will not send unsolicited email (SPAM) to strangers to promote the Ethnic Corner Service.
    10. You will not post material that contains or encourages indecent, defamatory, menacing, offensive or unlawful acts, or otherwise bring the Ethnic Corner site into disrepute.
    11. You will keep your account username and password details secure and will not allow other people to access your account. In the event that you suspect a security breach your will immediately notify Ethnic Corner.
    12. You will not use any automated means including scripts, spiders, robots, bots, crawlers or the like in connection with your participation in collecting Ethnic Corner Rewards or with any other activity on the site.

    Ethnic Corner may reject any new member application from any person with or without cause at its sole discretion. Ethnic Corner reserves the right to terminate a Member's account in the event that the Member provides false or misleading membership information or otherwise violates these TOS.

  4. Privacy Policy
    Protection of your privacy is important to Ethnic Corner. Click on the link to our Privacy Policy for information about the collection, use and disclosure of information provided to us by members.
  5. Intellectual Property Rights

    All rights to its websites are reserved by Ethnic Corner. The names, logos, icons, and graphics used on such websites which identify products or services of Ethnic Corner and any other content on the websites consisting of work that can be protected by intellectual property rights are property of Ethnic Corner. All other trademarks and/or copyrights appearing on an Ethnic Corner website belong to their respective owners.

    The content of the Site is intended for the personal, non-commercial use of its members. Any modification, sale, licensing, reproduction, downloading, transmission, display, distribution, publishing, editing or other similar use of such content, without the express prior written consent of Ethnic Corner, is strictly prohibited.