How do I join Ethnic Corner?

You can join our panel by filling out the signup form on the home page of our website and click "submit". Please fill out the ‘Contact, Personal, and Household Classification Information’ in detail as this information will be used to send you surveys matching your classification.

How will I receive my surveys?

The surveys will be sent to the e-mail address that you provided on the signup form. Please add [email protected] to your address book so that our surveys don’t go to your Junk Mail.

Is there a cost to join Ethnic Corner?

No! Infact we reward you $5 for just signing up to our panel.

How will I get paid and what are the rewards?

At Ethnic Corner rewarding our panel members fairly is at the top of our agenda. We boast the highest payout ratio per completion of diversity based surveys and focus groups. You will get paid minimum $5 per survey (usually between $5-$10 a survey) and $1 for each additional person you refer. Your account will be updated with the correct balance after you complete a survey. All surveys pay cash and payout is through cheque or PayPal.

How often should I be receiving surveys?

You are eligible from the very moment you sign-up to receive survey invites. The number of surveys you receive will depend on your profile information and the current needs of the organizations we work with. You should expect to receive 1-10 surveys or focus group invitations a month. Also, please make sure we have your most up-to-date email address and [email protected] has been added to your address book or safe list so that it is not classified as spam.

I am having trouble accessing surveys through the links you provided in the email. What should I do?

If clicking on the link that is provided in your email does not let you access the survey please try copying and pasting the link into the URL address bar. If you are still having issues, please send us an email with a brief description of the problem to [email protected]

How can I update my email address and personal information?

You can update your contact and personal information through the My Account page.

When I click on the survey link, it says that the survey is closed, why?

This means that the survey has been completed. Normally surveys are active for 2-14 days. The desired number of answers has been collected for this survey. Some surveys automatically close due to inactivity, typically after 10-15 minutes. Quota full means that the survey is full of respondents within the targeted range. In order to avoid this, please fill out the survey as soon as you receive the invite.

How long do the surveys last?

We aim to keep most surveys between 10-15 minutes. There are times when you will get shorter or longer surveys depending on our client needs. We will always inform you in the invitation email what the expected complete time for each survey is expected to be.